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Our Business

  • Contract Research & Development Services
  • Technology Development & Transfer
  • Solving Problems Through Sci. & Eng. 
  • Consultant services



​Dr. Mark Feng

Our Key Advantages

  • Over 20 Years of Experiences

  • Inventors of multiple U.S. Patents

  • Short turnaround time

  • Low indirect cost (<40%)



  • To develop new technologies in health sciences for better life of human beings through innovations and technology transfer
  • To provide R&D services for government, universities, and industries. 

Our Technologies

Drug, gene and vaccine delivery (Formulation)

Biomaterials (polymers, ceramics, proteins, hybrids)

Coating for medical implants


Nanoparticles (Au, magnetic, CaP, Polymer, Lipid, etc.)

Delivery substrates from aligned polymer biomaterials for tissue repair        


Bioencapsulation and Nanomedicine

Oral, intranasal, transdermal, intravenous, intramuscular, intracranial, intraosseous delivery 

Antimicrobial product development

Tissue engineering and regeneration

Our Facilities

Chemical Reactors (Batch & Continuous), Furnace, Catalyst Manufacturing, Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Biomaterial /nanoparticle characterization, Microscopies, Emulsions, Lipid Extrusion and sonication, ISO9001:2015, GLP, cGMP, ISO1485 to be certified...

Funding News 

  • October 2020, DET is awarded a Phase-I small business technology transfer (STTR) grant from NSF ($256,000). The work is related to transfer of OSU's coronavirus antigen technology and co-development of an intranasal nano vaccine for COVID-19. 

  • September 2019, Dynamic Entropy Technology (DET LLC) collaborated with Dr. Jian Yang at Penn. State University (PSU) and received a Phase-I small business technology transfer (STTR) award ($225,000) from NIH-NIDDK. The project is mainly based on transfer of the novel PSU antibacterial/antifungal citrate-based polymer technology as medical devices for diabetic skin infections. See Disclaimer

  • With commercial clients' support, DET LLC will work with USDA, FDA and EPA for regulatory approval of drug/antimicrobial products (pesticides, sanitizer, disinfectant...) 

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