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DET is interested in developing novel cancer treatment modality with higher efficacy and fewer side effects than traditional treatments, using nanotechnology such as liposomes, magnetic nanoparticles, nano-based  immunotherapy, etc. 

Key experiences:

1. Dhakal, S., Cheng, X., Salcido, J., Renu, S., Bondra, K., Lakshmanappa, Y. S., . . . Renukaradhya, G. J. (2018). Liposomal nanoparticle-based conserved peptide influenza vaccine and monosodium urate crystal adjuvant elicit protective immune response in pigs. Int J Nanomedicine, 13, 6699-6715. doi:10.2147/ijn.s178809
2. XG Cheng, QW Ni, Thomas Potter, 'Magnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles, applications and methods of preparation thereof', US patent award No. 9,675,540 B2, Award date: 06/13/2017
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5. L Kuhn, XG Cheng, “ Effect of nano-sizing calcium phosphate/Cisplatin conjugates on in vitro drug release”, Particles 2006, Medical/Biochemical Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, and Drug Delivery Applications of Particle Technology, 13-16 May 2006, Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL.
6. I Lagadic, R Shah, L Kuhn, and XG Cheng, “ Sulfonic acid-functionalized mesoporous silica particles as carriers for the local delivery of the anticancer agent Doxorubicin”, Nerm 2006, Emerging Technology and Chemical Science, Oct. 5-7, 2006, Binghamton, NY.
7. L Kuhn, XG Cheng, “Particulates of calcium phosphate/cisplatin overcome drug Resistance of A2780cis cancer cells” Society for Biomaterials Meeting 2007, Nano and Microparticulate Drug Delivery, Chicago, IL.
8. Salcido, J., XG Cheng, L.Z. Sun, and A. Bandyopadhyay. An In Vivo Study of Combinatorial Tumor Hyperthermia Therapy Using Novel Magnetic Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles and Tumor Suppressive Agents. Presented at the 2nd Annual Biomedical Research Symposium at UTSA, San Antonio, Texas, April 2015. 

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