Dr. Cheng is experienced with EPA pesticide registration process and have led over a dozen Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) projects related to Physical/Chemical Characterization and GLP Efficacy study of pesticides including disinfectants (Bactericide, fungicide, virucide, sporicide, etc.). He also serves on NIH Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (IDM) Review Panel.   

Service Provided:

  • Consultant and agent for pesticide development, testing, and registration for regulatory approval 

  • Electronic pesticide registration process through EPA CDX (Central data exchange).

  •  Small business application fee waiver request (up to 75% reduction)

  •  GLP and Non-GLP physical/chemical characterization of pesticide products

  •  GLP and Non-GLP efficacy testing of pesticide products

Customer Service: 

Jack Cheng or Mark Feng

196 County Rd 7611

Devine, TX 78016-5145            




T: 216-269-6757 or 210-248-4440

F: 210-561-4303


Congressional district: TX-023