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Proposal writing - References tips

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Use free reference software for Word

How to cite references in word file using the free Mendeley software after installation of Medley software for Windows.

After register and download the free Mendeley reference software. Follow the below steps to to cite an article from mendeley, First, I click “Insert citation” in Word, then go to Mendeley, then select the reference 1, then click “Cite ” button, You can repeat the procedure to insert multiple citations, 2–5. There is no need to use “Insert Citation” or "Manage Sources" within word.

To show the reference, in word file, you click “Insert Bibliography” above “Open Mendeley” button.

1. Chiaretti, A. et al. Intranasal Nerve Growth Factor administration improves cerebral functions in a child with severe traumatic brain injury: A case report. Brain Inj. 31, 1538–1547 (2017).

2. Lv, Q. et al. Intranasal nerve growth factor attenuates tau phosphorylation in brain after traumatic brain injury in rats. J. Neurol. Sci. 345, 48–55 (2014).

3. Brabazon, F. et al. Intranasal insulin treatment of an experimental model of moderate traumatic brain injury. J. Cereb. Blood Flow Metab. 37, 3203–3218 (2017).

4. Das, M., Wang, C., Bedi, R., Mohapatra, S. S. & Mohapatra, S. Magnetic micelles for DNA delivery to rat brains after mild traumatic brain injury. Nanomedicine 10, 1539–1548 (2014).

5. Naeser, M. A. et al. Transcranial, Red/Near-Infrared Light-Emitting Diode Therapy to Improve Cognition in Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury. Photomed. Laser Surg. 34, 610–626 (2016).

In the Style, You can change to different styles such as “Nature”.

How to export reference from PubMed to Medeley reference software?

From Pubmed, choose the references, Click “Send to”, “Citation Manager”. Save the file.

In Medeley, Click “Add file” to add just exported file. The new references will be shown in the Medley library.

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