Time travelers, body and mind

Common patterns of recently read time-travel Chinese novels:

1) They are commonly well educated doctors, scientists but died due to an accident.

2) They travelled back to old times (e.g., 1000s Song Dynasty) and they possess the body of a dying person who suffered from discrimination/injustice/unfair treatment or a new born person. They, however, retain the knowledge and mind of a 21's century.

3) The main character became "Super doctors", "Genius inventors", or "Investment genius" and successfully fight the cunning enemies, poverty, diseases, discriminations, etc. They all live a happy life.

These time travel novels are sometimes well-written and funny. They have many followers and serve as a "spiritual opioid" and may encourage people to live upward and positively. Here are few examples:

古代农家日常 (Legend of an old time farmer?)

知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 (do you know do you know, it should be green leaf appeared fat and red flower appeared thin after rain?)

农女福妃,别太甜 (Country girl became happy princess?)


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